The first issue of Heartlines Spec contains the challenges, and joys, and frustrations that come from long-lasting connections. It’s a mother you never understood, a friendship that’s fierce but changing, the quiet gratitude of sipping champagne with someone you love. All the stories and poems within feature partners, families, lovers, and friends. The relationships between them are varied but strong.

Each week, we will release two pieces to read for free on our website. Paid subscribers have complete access. All subscribers can read select pieces ahead of public release.

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Editorial by Rebecca Bennett (free to read)

Short Fiction

Redline by A.D. Sui (free to read)

And In The Silence After by C. J. Lavigne

Quintessence by Laura Chilibeck

FXH-351 by Filip Hajdar Drnovšek Zorko (free to read)

Eat Cosmic Jello by Emily C. Skaftun

I Think About You, Only Louder by Jordan Kurella

The Day Comes by Shih-Li Kow


Begrudgingly Tertiary by Angela Acosta

Coins for the Departed by Rasha Abdulhadi

ode to the sword by Anne Liberton

On Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Nnadi Samuel (free to read)

The Price of Rent on Sarpedon by Marisca Pichette


Andromeda (disambiguation) by Mark A. McCutcheon (free to read)